Can you? Just Be? For us it is the total experience of 
Being present, in the moment. Not jumping on the
next thing you say, or wandering off, or taking an
attitude. We are all here to Be. So Let’s Be together.
It is the best way we know to create great work.


We were given two ears and one mouth each. We
use them proportionately. Only after some great
listening will we do the kind of thinking that is
centric to the thoughts of all stakeholders. Clearly
delivered in the work products we pursue.


Knowing is seeing. It’s vision. It is the omnipresence
of your experiences and your ears to the world. The more
you have the less you have to worry about in taking
chances. We are knowing of the medical space. And
fearless in bringing new ideas to a field bound by legal,
regulatory and compliance constraints.


Acting fearlessly is a great force in creativity, in
innovation, in moving forward. It must follow good
thinking and knowledge of the medical space. Action
together with you makes us greater than the sum of our  
parts. It is action that defines our lives and our work.


Ahhh. The glory word. If the only certainty is change  
then reach for it, reach past it. From the center spot
of excellence, we’re always reaching. And not in
just one direction, but in all directions our wisdom
shows us.

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Thought About It.
Seems there's two choices for brand partners

- 3V07 -


Highly intellectual, yes. Proven sophisticated enough for medical society, sure. But to heck with thinking "outside the box." Everybody is standing out there now.

Use Our Noodles

We've been noodling medical device, biotech and pharma for quite some time, cooking up many amazing accomplishments along the way.

We want to fly to the edge of medical branding with great process and organization. With you. With all we know.

Work with us to beat up an 800 pound gorilla. Upstage an upstart. See brand new brand thinking. Or if you just want to rise above all of the advertising agency pomp and circumstance that

3v07 Mini Logo

Turn it upside down and you get where we're coming from, eh? Then let's get together so you can see our unconditional 3v07 at work.

It'll be different. It'll be real. And it could just be thought provoking enough to get you.


Hmmmm. Interesting Choice.

These guys told you they'll work in an
expeditious, synergistic mindset
to create a strategic fit that
best expresses your core compentencies in a way
       that at the end of the day
can be benchmarked
      against the game plan for
a result-driven,
response oriented
paradigm shift.

Whew. Now try to get the agency heads down off-their mounds to see that through... all the way through. Even for the smaller brands



Try This.

Sit with 3v07 and brief us on a situation, opportunity, or market dynamic. The more details the better.

We come back with a solution. A stractive solution. Where the work is so good the answer screams from each execution. It's successful. And we're all nuts with joy.

You don't need a brc to get ouR immediate attention
but you may want to reach your current resource, so here you go
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Who would you like to tell?

(Maybe let your current agency know we're coming)

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